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Our Review of Bella Jewel’s – Sassy Little Thing

by Bella Jewel
Genres: MC Romance, Romance



Title: Sassy Little Thing
Series: Iron Fury MC #4
Author: Bella Jewel
Genre: Romance
Release Date: April 20, 2018
People, in my opinion, don’t take happiness seriously
They go through life, constantly trying to please other
I do, however, take my happiness seriously.
Very seriously.
But, when things in my life, go suddenly south, I am left
with more than one choice.
Do what’s right, or do what’s wrong?
That, on any normal day, would be an easy choice for me.
I’ll do whatever I need to keep my life flowing with
But when it comes to love, everything changes.
And him.
I love him.
Which means I have to correct my wrong doings.
I need him to forgive me.
I need money.
It’s the only way.
When a job for a live-in maid comes up, with excellent pay,
I jump at the chance.
When I realize it’s for the member of a Motorcycle Club, I
still don’t back down.
Even if it means I have to live with and work for, one of
the hottest, broodiest and most difficult men I’ve ever met.
I’ll do whatever it takes.
Only, I don’t expect to actually like him.
The mysterious biker.
The one who I seem drawn to.
And now I have a real problem.
Do what’s right, or let my heart take me where it wishes?
Two men. Once choice.
Things are about to get very, very complicated.
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I have been eagerly waiting for the fourth book in this series, it is every bit as good as the other three. The title is perfect too.

Sassy Saskia is a little gem of a character, one that you immediately like, find quirky and fun. Mason is a grumpy bear of a man and just perfect for Saskia..if only they could both see that!

The characters in this series are so real and loveable, with hearts the size of Mt Everest. Mason, like all of his brothers, has the full alpha persona going on but is such a loyal, strong friend. Saskia is as part mouthed, say it as it is woman but she is also extremely caring and giving. She is strong but a little naive as well. The ‘evil’ characters are definitely bad to the bone! This author sure knows how to paint evil with clarity in her words.

Mason’s throwbacks to when he was looking after his mother give an unexpected insight into his character as well as riding the emotional roller coaster along with him. Just when you think nothing else could possibly happen.. bam.. there’s a new twist in the plot but all connected.

This is a fast-paced, easy to read story that I could not put down!

Reviewed by Robyn
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Author Bio

Bella Jewel is a self published, USA
Today bestselling author. She’s been publishing since 2013. Her first release
was a contemporary romance, Hell’s Knights which topped the charts upon
release. Since that time, she has published over five novels, gaining a
bestseller status on numerous platforms. She lives in North Queensland and is
currently studying editing and proofreading to further expand her career. Bella
has been writing since she was just shy of fifteen years old. In Summer 2013
she was offered an ebook deal through Montlake Romance for her bestselling
modern day pirate series, Enslaved By The Ocean. She plans to expand her
writing career, planning many new releases for the future.

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Donna’s Review of Death & Dust by Skyla Madi

by Skyla Madi
Genres: Romantic Suspense



Title: Death & Dust
Series: New York Crime Kings #7
Author: Skyla Madi
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 20, 2018
Jai Stone…
I met him in the shadows first. He was tall and broad-shouldered, a man
full of heat, passion, and unconditional love meant only for me. 
He was my perfect counterpart, my best friend, and the only spark of
light in an otherwise cold, dark hell.
But it was never meant to be.
Together, we fought hard in a war that sought only to destroy us, and
the casualties are worse than I ever imagined.  
Because of Skull…
I lost the closest thing I had to family.
Because of Skull…
I’ll never get the chance to atone for my mistakes. 
Because of Skull…
I was no longer Jai’s kitten.


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I need to begin by saying. I read these books in succession in the space of 4 days and that the only way for me to write the reviews are as a whole. It was like one huge book and I loved and lived every single second of it.

I started out very tentative, cautious and wondered where the story would lead, how they would survive and escape the nightmare that Jai had willing entered. But that Emily had stumbled across and been forced to enter. In the beginning, I hated Jai almost as much as Skull ( I will come back to him later) but my hatred turned to compassion over time. When I thought about his reasons and I know I would do the same for the family. He only did for Emily what he felt was right and I see that clearly now

Emily, Em/Kitten annoyed the life out of me at first, I thought she was weak and whinging. How wrong was I. That women was strong and had more balls then most men. She had no one and nowhere to call hers. No family, friends, nothing. And my heart broke for her often. And it completely broke me and I loved what she did as the books and stories continued. She sucked me in and made me feel so so much.

The characters that came and went through the pages, all contributed to making this story an epic one. One that will stay with me over time.  Skull the other main character was a funny character to hate. I know, its weird to say but I felt anger, yes of course I did but I also felt he was made from circumstance. Not of his doing and he was a broken human and his mind was lost. You can see that clearly throughout. So I had a hard time, hating all of him if that makes sense. Skull was a vile monster, he played that part well and that part I did hate with a passion.

Now I won’t spoil or ruin anything just know that this is a tragic tale. A crazy ride that will have your emotions all over the place. It isn’t a story for the faint of heart. There is death, destruction and a cold-hearted vengeance, that never stops. The kind that only death will end. There are no hearts and flowers. But there is love, friendship and family. And an undying need to protect. That’s what made this book for me. That family is what matters blood or not.

This series is a huge recommend for me. I really can’t say more than that it’s truly Epic!

Reviewed by Donna


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Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
 is an
International bestselling romance novelist from Brisbane, Australia.

started her writing career fresh out of high school and at 24 she is a giver of
both real and fictional life.

She is an
aquarian, lover of the written word and author of the #1 BESTSELLING Consumed
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Robyn’s Review of Distorted Love by T.L. Smith

by T.L. Smith
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Title: Distorted Love
Duet: Dark Intentions #1
Author: T.L. Smith
Genre: Romance Suspense
Release Date: March 20, 2018
I loved him from the age of sixteen.

Hated him from the age of eighteen.

He disappeared at the age of nineteen.

We started off as enemies, then fast became lovers.

But our story isn’t a happily ever after.

It was a story of a king and a peasant. Can you guess which I was?

I knew we weren’t meant to be.

You see, he fell in love with her first. He loved me last.

I’m not someone’s second choice.

Not even for the boy who stole my heart.

I’m someone’s first.

Now, I just have to remember that.

The thing with TL Smith is that just when you think she can’t create a new insanely incredible story…she does! More brilliance from this amazingly talented author.

Saskia, the poor cousin of Livia, finds Ryken irresistible but so does Livia. Ryken is drawn to Saskia like a magnet but dates Livia. Confused? It is a confusing time for these teenagers but they are all strong-willed and determined to move forward.

You know I just wanted to really hate Ryken but I can’t! He really is a bad boy, however, a loveable one though. Saskia’s inner strength grows and pushes out to help her cope with life and the curveballs that are thrown at her. Livia although is not an easy character to like, she doesn’t exactly have it rosy all of the time but still…no I just plain don’t like her!

I think this author adds more twists and turns in the story than a corkscrew! BUT it works and works exceptionally well.

Great detailed descriptions once again give readers not only vivid imagery but also insight into the characters and what makes them tick. Having both lead characters take turns explains things from their points of view helps too. This is an incredibly fast paced book and although it is darker than your average tale, it’s super easy to read. I am so looking forward to the next book..yep it’s a cliffhanger but you know that from the start.

Reviewed by Robyn





Sinister Love (Dark Intentions Duet #2) 


Releasing April 24th



Our Reviews of Fighting Weight by Gillian Jones

by Gillian Jones


Release Blitz: Fighting Weight
by Gillian Jones
Available with Kindle Unlimited
Genre:Inspirational Contemporary Romance
We all have that voice inside our heads.
The one that speaks to us incessantly. That voice we trust to make the right decisions, to keep us on a positive path, even when others try to bring us down.
But what happens when that voice changes? 
When it’s no longer a voice of reason, a voice of comfort giving us a pep talk when we need one?
What happens when that inner voice turns into a bully?
You’re fat.
Don’t you dare eat that. 
You’ll never be as pretty as her
You’ll never be as good as them.
You’re lazy. You’re stupid.
You are disgusting.
You. Are. Nothing.
What happens when that inner voice makes your body takes its side?
And what happens when the bully starts to win?
If your name is Alina Cassidy, then you fight like hell.
Warning: Deals with subject matter some readers might find sensitive. But I promise an HEA.


This book is aptly named, the battle or fight with self-image and confidence is extremely difficult. I think we can safely say that Gillian Jones is the queen of emotive language and tearing our hearts out then stomping on a good way of course!

The inner bully we all do have can be our undoing and for Alina, it certainly is a battle that started at thirteen. However, in reality, it started with her mother’s vicious verbal abuse, then her aunts.

I have to admit to exhaustion when reading about Alina’s battle with bulimia. The constant mental fight is so tiring but you find yourself cheering her on, with heartfelt passion. Readers feel every emotion Alina goes through as though we are here, shedding a few tears and chuckles along the way as well.
There is so much passion in this story; passion for love, passion for music and passion for family and friends.

I also will admit Alina’s mother and aunt brought out the worst in me, the anger towards them is immense and I wasn’t disappointed with the end result for her mother, but her father was entirely different.

This story is mainly told from Alina’s point of view but we do get more insight into Slater because he has chapters explaining his point of view as well. The closeness of the girls in the band is uplifting. The positives Alina focuses on include her band being more like family. I like the way the boys in Sicken Union are easy to relate to as ‘normal’ people even though they are famous!

This is quality writing, higher praise can’t be found in words for the brilliance that is Gillian Jones.

Reviewed by Robyn

How do you put into words how profoundly moving this story is… 5 stars just isn’t enough! This book is truly not for the faint of heart… Gillian doesn’t hold back in this gritty, real, emotion-filled story of Alina and her daily struggle to overcome the beast that is bulimia! The prologue gives us the first insight into how devastating peoples words can be to a person’s self-esteem… that and the heartbreaking tragic loss of your only real support system and you have the recipe for disaster. The book is told in dual POV which I love as you get two very different sides to the story. Slater who is Alina’s love interest in the book and was instantly attracted to her from the moment he laid eyes on her. He saw the real her hiding in the shadows and made it his mission to bring her into the light where he knew she belonged. He was a very swoon-worthy character, who had his flaws as everyone does but the love, compassion and strength he gave to Alina was what made his character so great! Alina and her brother Lucky had a truly horrible upbringing, and they both had their demons to battle. Lucky turned to alcohol… whereas due to her constant barrage of being told she was never good enough, that she was fat, ugly and a waste of space Alina turned to food and purging to take back control. The story follows Alina as she tries to navigate life, love and keeping her “bully” in check! I can’t recommend this book highly enough, I have learnt so much and now have a much greater respect and love for anyone that is fighting the constant ever-present battle with bulimia.

Reviewed by Nat




About the Author
Wife, mother, proud Canadian. Shoe addict, red wine connoisseur, lover of laughter and the friendships that cause it. I’m a sucker for those epic romances that steal my breath and leave me always wanting more.
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Robyn’s 5 Star Review of Five Fights by Belle Brooks

by Belle Brooks
Genres: Psychological Thriller
Title: Five Fights
Series: The Game of Life Series #5
Author: Belle Brooks
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Release Date: March 13, 2018

“There’s no better wolf than a dead one.”


This is the end. The sound of cars makes my heart beat faster. The sight of a bitumen road gives me hope. The faces of my family waiting for me are all I can see as I battle to survive.

I can’t look back. 

I can’t cry out.

Fight, Morgan.

He is the Wolf, and I’m the thirteenth woman he has called his Red. This is his last chance to scratch my name from the list of bitches who’ve wronged him.

Will he claim my life?

“I’m coming for you, Red. It’s time to die. – The Wolf

Ah, I have waited so patiently for this final book in The Game of Life series and now it’s here, so exciting to find out who the Wolf and partner are in the story. It continues on directly from where Book 4 finishes.

Morgan is exhausted and feeling totally worn down and ready to give up. The Wolf is sure she perished in the fire. The police are about to continue to comb the bushland hoping to locate Morgan. Reid is still waiting while his stomach is tied in knots.

The excitement and drama continues and doesn’t stop. The descriptions of scenes and characters are vivid, they clearly enable you to not only visualise the story but feel each emotion as well. For example..”A million ants march inside me, pinching my internal organs.”

I only guessed the identity of The Wolf when reading this book, Belle Brooks is a mistress of mystery and her woven puzzle of words is brilliant. She keeps you on the edge of your seat right to the end, will Morgan survive or not?

This amazing book concludes The Game of Life series and is every bit as good as the other four books, I urge you to read this series as it is one of the best I’ve ever read. Thank you to this fantastic author for such an entertaining and exciting series.

Reviewed by Robyn

Born in Australia, Belle Brooks has always had a passion for books and creative writing. She loves exploring the different ways stories can be told through the use of text and in-depth characters. Since she was a child her strong talent and interest in creative writing was evident, explaining that her favourite class in school was English. Despite her love for all things books, she decided the world of advertising and marketing was where she could put her talents to use in the business realm, well that is until now. Belle enjoys creative writing and creating fictional stories that leave a valued message inside the pages.


Donna’s Review of Midnight Valentine by J.T. Geissinger

by J.T. Geissinger

MIDNIGHT VALENTINE by J.T. Geissinger is available today! You don’t want to miss getting your hands on this stunning new novel – check out all of the details below and read a sneak peek!


True love never dies.

Megan and Cassidy were childhood sweethearts who thought they would be together forever. Fate had other plans. Soon after they were married, Cass’s life was tragically cut short. Still grieving her soul mate five years later, Megan moves to the small town of Seaside, Oregon, hoping to rebuild her life.

Her first night there, she meets the town recluse, Theo. Withdrawn, guarded, and mysteriously silent since a terrible accident left him scarred, Theo takes an instant and inexplicable dislike to Megan. But as their paths cross again and again, Megan becomes convinced there’s more to Theo than meets the eye.

When she discovers the reason for his silence, his nightmares, and especially his pointed dislike, Megan becomes convinced of something far more astonishing.

Is a second chance at a once-in-a-lifetime love possible, or is a broken heart the cruelest kind of liar?


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Wow! What can I say about this heartbreakingly beautiful written story. The way this book is written is spellbinding and the emotions that came with it, was expected but I really didn’t think I would feel this way after reading it. It touched my heart so much.

To find a soulmate in life is just magical and for you to lose that is just devastating. But to find a soulmate for a second time is a fairytale come true and as much as this book made my heart sad, it made me so happy too. It just seemed that fate had Theo and Meghan together even when they were fighting against it. It seemed that the dice were cast and it was beyond their control.

Putting all the sadness to one side. You are still left with a fantastic story that you will find so hard to put down. I never wanted it to end. This book is yes, very hard to read but it contains everything you are looking for in a second chance at love romance. It’s a huge recommend. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed by Donna



Read an excerpt from MIDNIGHT VALENTINE:

“Hi, there, Megan, this is Coop.”

“Hi, Coop. What’s up?”

Long, awkward pause.

“Uh…I’m still standin’ outside your house.”

I walk to the windows, and there he is, out on the sidewalk near his truck.

“Are you having car problems?”

“No, I’m, uh, just waitin’ on Theo. He’s comin’ out to see you. I texted him what you said, and, uh…” Coop clears his throat. “Well, anyway, he’s on his way. I thought I’d give you a heads-up.”

The circus never stops with this guy. “That’s unfortunate, Coop, because I just got off the phone with Craig from Capstone. He’s going to handle the job.”

Coop scoffs. “Craig? That self-important S.O.B.? You like flushin’ your money down the toilet?”

“No, I don’t. Which is why I negotiated a discount.”

“Lemme guess. He probably quoted you…” He thinks for a moment, looking up at the house, then names a number which is only a few hundred dollars off from Craig’s quote, which is very irritating.

“You seem like a nice guy, Coop, but this conversation is pointless, considering your boss has no interest in working with me.”

“I never said that,” he says quickly. Our gazes meet through the window. I see how serious he is suddenly, his easy grin nowhere in sight.

“I wasn’t going to tell him you did,” I say, sensing this is somehow a matter of great importance.

When Coop blows out a breath, looking relieved, my hunch is proven right. Before I can say anything else, however, he straightens, looking down the street.

“He’s here.” He flashes me a look full of warning, then hangs up, steps out into the street, and holds up a hand.

Fascinated, I watch as a classic Mustang slowly rolls up the street, engine rumbling. It’s black, with windows tinted so dark I can’t see inside, and chrome wheels that gleam in the sun. The car stops in the middle of the street, then Coop walks over and bends down to the driver’s side window.

Several minutes pass and Coop is still standing there, talking to Theo. Or drawing pictures or whatever it is he does to communicate with Mr. Incommunicado.

“What the hell is it with this guy?” I mutter, growing more irritated by the moment.

Finally Coop straightens and the Mustang pulls up to the curb. The engine shuts off. I want to look away, but I’m rooted to the spot, staring out the front parlor window, waiting for what feels like an eternity until the driver’s door opens and Theo steps out.

Black hair.

It’s my first thought when his broad shoulders rise up over the roof of the car. I’ve only seen him in a raincoat, his head covered, but now I see he has a lot of thick, black hair, the length past the collar of his leather jacket. It’s messy. Windswept and untamed, like he only ever combs it with his fingers.

When he turns and looks toward the house, it’s like he knew exactly where I was standing. Our eyes meet with the sensation of a key fitting into a lock: a smooth, inevitable click.

A tremor runs through me, something close to fear but more primal, a pulse of restless energy that makes me want to break into a run.

I’ve never met anyone with more naked emotion in his eyes. His face is stony, but his eyes burn with a thousand unspoken things, all of which are dark.

I resist the urge to step back. We stare at each other until it becomes uncomfortable. I move first, turning to head to the front door, taking deep breaths to calm the sudden throbbing of my heart.

When I open the door, Coop and Theo are walking up the brick pathway toward the porch. Coop is in the lead, smiling nervously. “Hi, Megan!” he calls, as if he hasn’t seen me in forever.

“Hi, Coop. Long time no see.”

Coop ambles up the steps onto the porch that wraps around the front of the house, but Theo stops at the first step and looks at me, as if for permission.

“Sure, Dracula,” I say drily, unamused by this strange situation. “You’re welcome to come in. I’ll put away the garlic and crosses.”

A muscle in his jaw flexes. He doesn’t look amused, either. He steps slowly up, one big boot at a time, until he’s on the porch and I have to look up as he walks toward me with thunderclouds churning over his head. He stops a few feet away and stares down at me as Coop looks back and forth between us, visibly worried.

But I can’t pay attention to Coop anymore. Not with the boiling cauldron standing in front of me. The rumbling mountain of magma about to blow. The seething pool of silent emotions clad in a leather jacket and jeans. If I were a cop, I’d arrest this guy on the spot for disturbing the peace. All by himself, he’s a riot threatening to destroy the entire town.

On the left side of his neck, a snarl of scar tissue peeks over the collar of his shirt. His nose was broken once and not fixed well. There’s a ragged white scar above his left eyebrow that disappears into his hairline, and he walks with a barely perceptible limp, favoring his left side. And those dark, dark eyes. God, how they burn.

Whatever the accident was that he was involved in, it’s left its mark on this man, in more ways than one.


Watch the trailer for MIDNIGHT VALENTINE:




About J.T. Geissinger

A former headhunter, J.T. Geissinger is the author of more than a dozen novels in contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense.

She is the recipient of the Prism Award for Best First Book, the Golden Quill Award for Best Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, and is a two-time finalist for the RITA® Award from the Romance Writers of America®. Her work has also finaled in the Booksellers’ Best, National Readers’ Choice, and Daphne du Maurier Awards.

Join her Facebook reader’s group, Geissinger’s Gang, to take part in weekly Wine Wednesday live chats and giveaways, find out more information about works in progress, have access to exclusive excerpts and contests, and get advance reader copies of her upcoming releases.

Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Geissinger’s Gang | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest | Instagram

Robyn’s 5 Star Review of the Pretender by HelenKay Dimon

by HelenKay Dimon
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Today we have the release day blitz for The Pretender by HelenKay Dimon! Check it out and get your copy today!
Title: The Pretender
Author: HelenKay Dimon
Genre Romantic Suspense
About The Pretender:
They say it takes a thief to catch a thief, and Harrison Tate is proof. Once a professional burglar, he now makes a lawful living tracking down stolen art. No one needs to know about his secret sideline, “liberating” artifacts acquired through underhanded methods. At least until one of those jobs sees him walking in on a murder.
Gabrielle Wright has long been estranged from her wealthy family, but she didn’t kill her sister. Trouble is, the only person who can prove it is the sexy, elusive criminal who shouldn’t have been at the island estate on that terrible night. She’s not expecting honor among thieves—or for their mutual attraction to spark into an intense inferno of desire.
Under the guise of evaluating her family’s art, Harris comes back to the estate hoping to clear Gabby’s name. But returning to the scene of the crime has never been riskier, with their hearts and lives on the line.
Get Your Copy Now:
The Pretender


Romantic suspense rarely gets any better than one of this author’s stories, this book is a prime example of her seemingly effortless magic with words and plots.

Gabby Wright finds her sister, Tabitha, murdered on the family island where she lived by herself. Harris Tate is on the scene to ‘liberate’ a painting from the home but instead walks into this tragedy. Stephen Wright, Gabby’s paternal uncle, points the finger at Gabby as he always does!

Without giving too much away, this is full of intrigue and mayhem as you would imagine but it really has you guessing about the actual murderer. Twists and turns make for interesting change ups and reveal more details about the story but also the characters.

Harris is a likeable character as is Gabby, both similar in many ways including pasts that have influenced their lives and the decisions they’ve made. The tale is written from both lead characters points of view, giving more insight into their personalities. Uncle Stephen plays the ‘bad guy’ well and you definitely find yourself hoping he comes a cropper at some stage.

A thoroughly entertaining story which is fast paced and very easy to read.

Reviewed by Robyn


Catch Up On the Series!
The Fixer
The Enforcer
The Negotiator:
Exclusive Excerpt:
Harrison Tate didn’t believe in luck. He believed in planning. Right now, he needed the luck.
He blinked a few times, hoping the scene in front of him would change. No body, no blood . . . nope, it was all still there.
A woman—the woman—the one who stuck to a schedule and rarely ventured outside a three-mile area. She should have been reading at the dock, as she did every nonrainy day at this time for the last three weeks. Sitting there, watching the waves lap up on the stone retaining wall that separated the Chesapeake Bay from Tabitha Island. Her private island.
He’d staked out the isolated land, this house and this woman for more than a month. Watched from a boat at one point and from the small uninhabited island a short distance away at another. He’d been able to hack into the camera on her laptop. He knew when she was working on it, which was almost always.
He’d tracked her movements, knew her schedule. But on the ride over here he’d missed seeing someone else go into her house. Someone who wanted more from her than a painting.
The longer he stood there, looming over her still body, the more he became locked in a confining shell he could not break. Less than thirty seconds had passed since he walked into the old-school library with its dark floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and massive desk positioned in front of the French doors to the small patio outside. He’d found her there, sprawled on the floor with her eyes closed and her chest not moving. Blood pooled around her and seeped into the muted gray carpet beneath her.
Just as his brain signaled to his hand to grab his cell and call for help, her eyes popped open. Stunning green. That fact registered in his mind. Next came her fear. It bounced off the walls and pummeled him. Her body shook with it.
She reached out and her fingertips brushed his pants right near his calf. She likely thought she grabbed him and pulled hard, but he barely felt the touch. Whatever energy she possessed had been spent during the furious battle that waged in the room before he got there. Glass shattered on the floor, an overturned table. Books and papers scattered everywhere.
He dropped down, balancing on the balls of his feet, and reached for her hand. He still wore his gloves but she didn’t seem to notice. She kept mouthing something. A soundless word he couldn’t make out. He leaned in with his ear right over her mouth, trying to pick up a thread or any noise but that didn’t work either.
He pulled back and looked into her eyes. They were clouded now and unfocused. “Tabitha?”
He knew her name because he made it his business to know the people from whom he planned to liberate any number of items. In her case, a specific painting that usually hung over the fireplace in this room. It balanced there now, ripped from the wall with one edge hanging over the mantel. Teetering, ready to fall. All eleven million dollars of it.
“Help me.” The words came out of her on a strangled cry. Her chest heaved as she fought for breath.
He could see her wince as she inhaled. Her hand slipped out of his as all the tension drained out of her. Her eyes rolled back then closed.
“No, no, no.” This time he started mouth-to-mouth. He blew and counted, trying to remember the precise sequence from every television show where he’d seen it performed and from a class he’d taken more than a decade ago.
Nothing worked.
He clamped down on his fight-or-flight instincts and reached for the burner cell tucked in his back pocket. He’d just hit the first button to make the call as he heard the sound. A gurgling in her throat, as if she was drowning in her own body. An openmouthed labored breath . . . then a shocking stillness. Saliva dribbled out of the corner of her mouth as her head dropped to one side.
The death rattle. Had to be. He’d never heard it before and never wanted to hear it again.
About HelenKay Dimon:

HelenKay Dimon spent the years before becoming a romance author as a…divorce attorney. Not the usual transition, she knows. Good news is she now writes full time and is much happier. She has sold over forty novels and novellas to numerous publishers, including HarperCollins, Kensington, Harlequin, Penguin Random House, Riptide and Carina Press. Her nationally bestselling and award-winning books have been showcased in numerous venues and her books have twice been named “Red-Hot Reads” and excerpted in Cosmopolitan magazine. She is on the Board of Directors of the Romance Writers of America and teaches fiction writing at UC San Diego and MiraCosta College. You can learn more at her website:

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Robyn’s 5 Star Review of What The hail by Lani Lynn Vale

by Lani Lynn Vale
Genres: Romantic Suspense

Today we have the Release Blitz for WHAT THE HAIL by Lani Lynn Vale! Grab your copy today!


Series: Hail Raisers
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Day: December 14th



He’s wanted her since he repossessed her car and made her cry.

Baylor Hail knew two things. One, he hated crying females. Two, it was even worse when he was the one to make that female cry.

He never meant to do anything but his job, but when one thing leads to another, suddenly all he can think about is the broken woman whose car he towed.

She’s wanted him since he patted her back and told her it was okay to cry even though she knew he was lying.

Nothing ever goes right for Lark.

Not when she got married. Not when she tried to leave her abusive husband, and not when she arrived in a new town with a fresh, clean slate.

That clean slate came courtesy of a secret organization that specializes in helping abused women find a way out.

They set her up with a whole new life. It just turns out that it happened to be right smack dab in the middle of another woman’s old one.

That woman also happens to be down on her luck, something that Lark learns the hard way when on her first day there, her car is towed by a handsome stranger.

It’s been two years since she’s felt any kind of sexual attraction toward a man, and she reacts badly. We’re talking full-on, hysterical breakdown as he loads her car onto his tow truck while looking at her like she’s lost it.

Maybe being crazy isn’t all that bad.

The next thing she knows, she’s spending time with the sexy stranger and life couldn’t be better—even though she still doesn’t have a car.

She thinks she’s in the clear, that she’s got it all figured out… well, that is until her ex-husband finds her again.

Now the ball is in her sexy stranger’s court as he decides whether or not her kind of crazy is worth getting killed over.

Turns out, for Baylor Hail, maybe it is.

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Lani Lynne Vale creates such interesting characters and Baylor and Lark are just two of these fascinating people.

Lark, as she is now called, has escaped from her abusive husband and landed in Hostel where the Hail brothers live. Baylor Hail works for his brother in the tow truck business and meets Lark after towing her car.

The chapters start with a quote from either Baylor or Lark and they are a quirky addition, often adding a sense of fun, adding to these as well are some fun expressions sprinkled throughout the book like..’Testicle Tickler’! There is a darker element with the abusive past Lark has experienced and that underlying suspense of whether or not her ex, Sal, will find her, just to keep you on your toes! 😉 The way Sal is described and his actions are enough to make you fear for Lark, become angry with her ex and to be honest just shake your head in astonishment!

I have to say that this story grabs your attention from the first page and never let’s go! It has nerve-wracking suspense, lots of drama, humour and romance. The intimacy between Lark and Baylor is hot!

Another fabulous story in this series, I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Reviewed by Robyn


As I exited their house a couple minutes later, three pieces of bacon in one hand, and a disposable cup of coffee in the other, I came to a sudden halt when I saw the woman outside getting ready to mow her lawn.

She wasn’t in jeans today.

No, she was in fucking Spandex.


Spandex that was pink, stretchy, and clung to her unlike anything I’d ever seen before.

The closest thing I could compare it to was fucking saran wrap.

“So, what are today’s panties?” I asked, my filter all but gone.

This woman had the power to unman me.

She grinned and said, “I’d have to take another testicle shot at you with my button for you to find out.”

I was pretty sure it’d be worth it.

“Come on,” I said. “My ball is still throbbing if that counts.”

It was, too. Each step I took caused a sharp pain to shoot up into my belly.

I’d never felt something so debilitating in my life, and I’d been hit by a goddamn car.

She immediately reddened at my words.

“If you have to know,” she blushed seven shades of red, “they say ‘Sour Puss’ on them. Happy?”

My grin was slow as it took over my face. “Sure am.”

She rolled her eyes and looked away.

“Do you live on this street?”

I shook my head and pointed to the house that was three down from hers. “That’s my brother’s place.”

Understanding dawned.

“The tow truck.” She snapped her fingers as if she was let in on a secret. “I’ve always wondered if he was the owner, or if he was just special enough to take his truck home,” she commented.

I shrugged. “All of the employees take them home, honestly. The only way they don’t is if they’re still in the probationary period, but everyone that’s working for us right now is off probation.”


“Why what?” I countered.

“Why do they take them home?”

I shrugged again. “It’s easier to have them with us, that way when we get a call after hours, we don’t have to go to the shop before we run it.”

“Ahhh,” she murmured. “That makes sense, I guess. Why would someone be on probation?”

“If they’re new hires or if they’ve done something stupid like lose a car on the interstate.”

She snorted. “That doesn’t actually happen, does it?”

I grinned. “More than you’d think.”

She leaned her hip against the lawn mower almost out of instinct as she started to laugh.

However, the lawn mower started to roll, and she began to fall.

Doing my manly duty, and my manly duty only, I lurched forward, ignoring the twinge in my balls, and caught her before her ass could kiss the ground.

She gasped when I pulled her in line with my body, and her hands went to my chest.

“That was close,” she gasped. “You’re fast.”

I let her go and stepped away, and my knee nearly gave out.

“Goddamn,” I groaned as I doubled over.

She bent down with me, but my eyes were squeezed shut as I tried to breathe through the pain in my ball—which had trumped the pain in my knee.

I really thought that I might die.


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About Lani Lynn Vale


Lani Lynn Vale is a USA Today Bestselling Author of over thirty titles. She is married with three children, two dogs, two cats, a donkey, and a couple (a couple also meaning over twenty) chickens.

When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up in her favorite chair reading.

Lani is married with three children, and lives in the Great State of Texas.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | BookBub

Our 5 Star Reviews of Cocky Fiance by Melissa Jane and T.L Smith

by Melissa Jane, T.L. Smith
Genres: Contemporary Romance

Title: Cocky Fiancé

Authors: TL Smith & Melissa Jane

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: December 1

He wasn’t meant to be on my radar, he was definitely the off limits guy.
My brother’s best friend, my friend’s ex, but most of all he was my boss.
Hawk Carnage resembled one thing, and one thing alone. Sex.
He used it, he knew it, he lived it. Hawk owned the biggest lingerie company in the world, and I was his leading lady.
In business.
But now business and friendship were about to be crossed. The lines blurred, and I was ready to dip my toes into the forbidden water. Because no matter how much I said I could refrain from Hawk Carnage, now was not the time.
He was to be my fake fiancé.
And I was about to sink into that forbidden water, with Hawk’s hands clutching my sides.
Lord help me because I was about to enjoy every moment of it.
Even if it was just for fun, even if it would ruin everything.
I was about to dive in head first.



Boom!!! This is what is happens when you get two great writers collaborating and stepping away from their norm. This book had me hooked from the first words and I didn’t put it down until I had devoured every single word.

As I said Cocky Fiancė is a different kind of book, there is no death and destruction and people don’t actually die, although some deserved to and I was expecting just that to happen. But alas it remained without it and I can honestly say it was brilliant.

Britta was a strong character, full of wit, sass and has 4 brothers that stand strong behind her. And the one person that she falls for is just what she needs but is warned against. Hawk her brothers best friend and her boss to boot. Hawk is sexy, strong and powerful in the boardroom and bedroom. He is a no-nonsense, tell it like it is hottie that will leave you with your tongue hanging out from his dirty talking quips.

This story is really good and the writing is great. You can see that these girls work well together. This book is a huge recommendation from me. It takes you one hell of an emotional journey that leaves you wanting more and more. I shed a few tears but I laughed heaps. A book sure to leave you feeling great by the end.

Reviewed by Donna

I love everything both of these Authors write so you can imagine my excitement when I heard they were collaborating! And hell they did not disappoint!!!

I totally devoured this book in one sitting, with its flawless creation and amazing characters I want more. Bring on the brothers stories.

Reviewed by Cherie

TL Smith

USA Today Best Selling Author T.L Smith can be found in almost any chocolate store, eating all the chocolate. She lives in Brisbane, Australia with her two kids and husband. Her favourite things to do is dancing, writing, reading and travelling the world. A lover for twisted words and things that make your heart pump. You can find her on the following links.

Website * Facebook Instagram * Twitter

Melissa Jane

Melissa Jane is an Aussie author who writes about Alpha men and strong heroines no matter the adventure.
When she isn’t writing, Melissa spends time with her husband and little Yorkie, Pocket.
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Robyn’s Review of Burn in Hail by Lani Lynn Vale

by Lani Lynn Vale
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Title: Burn in Hail
Series: Hail Raisers #3
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Genre: Romance Suspense
Release Date: November 15, 2017


Wow! I needed to sit back before writing this review because of its amazing impact! This author never fails to write quality stories and she has a winner with this one.

Tate Casey is the town ‘bad boy’ and yet is he really? Hennessy Hane is the preacher’s daughter with the strict, overprotective father. Years later they meet up as therapist and client but this is really just the beginning.

The characters are extremely likeable..well the good ones…and this sums up Tate to a tee…
‘Tate did what he wanted when he wanted. He didn’t work on anybody else’s timetable but his own.’….thoughts of Hennessy. She is right but he is so much more as is she, Lani Lynn Vale describes them perfectly.
Then you have the so-called ‘bad’ characters and Hennessy’s father tops the list with his child-rearing ways and hypocritical manner. Again the author leaves you with clear visuals of him and the other rotters.

Hot passionate scenes ignite the book but it’s definitely more than just ‘scratching an itch’ as you will, the intimacy is there in bounds. All the way through the book is a grey area, that does get explained, the puzzle pieces fitting but not flush until everything is exposed and you are left thinking..’Yes, it all makes sense!’

A really entertaining story I recommend to everyone!

Reviewed by Robyn

“There is no shortage of danger and suspense in the lives of these badasses and I’m enjoying the hail out of getting to know them better.” – iScream Book Blog

“Yep I am totally hooked on this series.” – You Can’t Resista Dirty Book Blog

“Once again Lani Lynn Vale delivers a book that pulls you in from the very first page and doesn’t let you go!” – Britt Red Hatter Book Blog

One look at the sixteen-year-old, prim and proper town goody-two-shoes, Hennessy Hanes, and Tate Casey knows he’s in trouble. He knows he should stay away from the preacher’s daughter, but there’s something about her he’s drawn to, and he can’t resist the pull.

The more he gets to know her, the more he realizes that something isn’t right. He may not be able put his finger on what it is, but he’s determined to find out what’s going on with the girl with the haunted eyes.

Tate didn’t anticipate that someone else would be just as determined to keep Hennessy’s nightmare a secret, and he never realizes just how far that person is willing go to keep those skeletons in the closet until it’s too late.

With the very real threat of jail time hanging over his head, Tate leaves without a backwards glance at the town or the girl. The problem is that out-of-sight doesn’t necessarily mean out of mind, and it’s Tate who’s now haunted by his decision and memories of Hennessy.


Hennessy Hanes knows better than anyone that not everything is always as it appears to be. After years of being on the receiving end of her squeaky-clean preacher father’s abuse, she seizes an opportunity to leave it all behind and runs.

Her only regret is that in walking away she loses any chance with the one person who tried to save her.


Fast forward ten years, and they’re both back where they started. 

Tate was never a good boy, and it turns out that the man he’s now grown into isn’t all that much better. Anger is a living, breathing part of him, and there’s a court order forcing him to seek help from the one person he’s never forgotten.

Hennessy never thought she’d see Tate Casey again, and certainly not on her couch. But now it’s her turn to save him, and there are rules she must follow as his psychologist, not to mention a court order instructing her to help him manage his anger. If she doesn’t follow those rules, he’ll end up back in jail. 

Tate Casey has never been a man who followed the rules, and Hennessy is no longer the straight-laced, timid preacher’s daughter she once was. 

His hands may be tied, so it looks like for the first time in Hennessy’s life, she’ll be the one breaking the rules for the chance to finally get what she’s always wanted. Him.

I’m a married mother of three. My kids are all under 8, so I can assure you that they are a handful. I’ve been with my paramedic husband now for ten years, and we’ve produced three offspring that are nothing like us. I live in the greatest state in the world, Texas.



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