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Nat’s Review of Notice by K Webster

by K Webster
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance, Suspense


by K. Webster
Publication Date: June 6, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Dark Romance, Suspense

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I didn’t notice her before…but now I do.
The shiny strands of gold in her silky brown hair.
Tiny crinkles between her eyebrows when she frowns.
Her passion for neatness.

Once I focus on her, I can’t take my eyes from my newest obsession. Ever.
I need to know everything about her.
Her past. Her present.
The way she takes her coffee.
Exactly how she smells after a spritz of perfume in the mornings.

She’s perfect in every way and I was blind.
But, God, now do I see.

I notice the organized way she arranges her clothes in her closet.
How she visits the same market each Saturday.
The sounds of her breathing as I lie beneath her bed in silence.

Violet is mine.
She just doesn’t know it yet.

Notice is a dark and unusual romance. Extreme sexual themes and violence in certain scenes, which could trigger emotional distress, are found in this story. If you are sensitive to dark themes, then this story is not for you. If you aren’t into super obsessive stalkers, then this story is not for you.


Dark, dark, dark! I loved it… OMG how obsessive compulsively hot is Gray! Violet the subject of his obsession was his PA for six years before he notices her! She was a mystery that he needed to solve, she was his she just didn’t know it yet! But she would he had two weeks in which to make her fall for him and stay… K Webster is my new obsession!! Her writing is so intriguing, dangerous and thought provoking she definitely knows her genre this book had me hooked from page 1… with an epilogue twist I never saw coming… EPIC!!

Reviewed by Nat


About K. Webster

K Webster2

K Webster is the author of dozens romance books in many different genres including contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, and erotic romance. When not spending time with her husband of twelve years and two adorable children, she’s active on social media connecting with her readers.

Her other passions besides writing include reading and graphic design. K can always be found in front of her computer chasing her next idea and taking action. She looks forward to the day when she will see one of her titles on the big screen.

You can easily find K Webster on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads!


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Our Reviews of Torrid by Nikki Sloane

by Nikki Sloane
Genres: Dark Romance


Title: Torrid
A Standalone Sordid Novel
Author: Nikki Sloane
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: June 15, 2017
Vasilije Markovic is the prince of the Serbian mafia and one
of the most powerful men in Chicago. His smile may be razor sharp, but he’s
crueler than the devil.
I’m playing a dangerous game and betting my life I’m going to win. I pretend to
be his pawn. I do as he says and move where he tells me, letting him think he’s
in control as I position myself for revenge.Every turn brings us closer. His grin doesn’t seem as evil when we’re alone.
Behind closed doors, I welcome his unrelenting and vicious personality. He’s
confessed all his secrets, but I’m holding one back and it’s a game changer.

If I survive the board, this pawn turns into a queen. I become the most
powerful player and send all the other pieces running. To get what I want, I
must make sacrifices, but am I willing to draw the line at him?


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For a VERY limited time you receive a FREE copy of Sordid as a bonus novel with your purchase of Torrid



I really enjoyed this book and I thought that maybe I would be missing something as I hadn’t read Sordid but although part of the series this is a complete standalone. I lost nothing from the story at all, so to read the other book isn’t necessary at all.

The two main character are very enduring in a strange sort of way as although Vasilije is a tough, ruthless and damn right cold. I found there was alot more to him than that. Oksana is a very ballsy women that stood up for herself and what she believes and and in that respect is an mystery to Vasilije.

This story was hot and pulled no punches but you have to read this book to see how it plays out. It’s a case of will or won’t she submit. Can she submit. You have to read this great steamy read to find out. A big recommend from me.

Reviewed by Donna
Wow! What a great read so dark… absolutely loved it!! The two main characters were calculating, cunning and a little bit ruthless in their pursuit of justice! In amongst all the chaos, a love story developed.. the chemistry was so hot they both got off on pain and suffering. Highly recommend this story for anyone who enjoys dark dangerous reads with a great cast of characters to sink your teeth into.
Reviewed by Nat
Author Bio

Nikki Sloane landed in graphic design after her careers as a waitress, a screenwriter, and a ballroom dance instructor fell through. For eight years she worked for a design firm in that extremely tall, black, and tiered building in Chicago that went through an unfortunate name change during her time there. Now she lives in Kentucky and manages a team of graphic artists. She is married and has two sons, writes dirty books, and couldn’t be any happier.

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Donna’s Review of The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron

by Celia Aaron
Genres: Dark Romance


Title: The Bad Guy
Author: Celia Aaron
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: May 21, 2017


My name is Sebastian Lindstrom, and I’m the villain of this
I’ve decided to lay myself bare. To tell the truth for once
in my hollow life, no matter how dark it gets. And I can assure you, it will
get so dark that you’ll find yourself feeling around the blackened corners of
my mind, seeking a door handle that isn’t there.
Don’t mistake this for a confession. I neither seek
forgiveness nor would I accept it. My sins are my own. They keep me company.
Instead, this is the true tale of how I found her, how I stole her, and how I
lost her.
She was a damsel, one who already had her white knight. But
every fairy tale has a villain, someone waiting in the wings to rip it all
down. A scoundrel who will set the world on fire if that means he gets what he
wants. That’s me.
I’m the bad guy.


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$2.99 for a limited time
Free in Kindle Unlimited


This book is a hard one to review for me, I couldn’t really connect with the story or the characters and that’s what makes this so hard. I fell in love with the blurb and love the cover but the love was soon stopped with the arrogance and unfeeling nature of Sebastian. He has a weird way about him that I just didn’t like.

This book how ever was extremely well written but that’s as much as I can say really. I would still say for people to read this book as it may just be up your street. Just because I don’t feel it. You may well. That what reviewing is all about. Each to there own. Different horse for different course. Go pick it up, you may be surprised.

Reviewed by Donna

Author Bio

Celia Aaron is a recovering attorney who loves romance and erotic fiction. Dark to light, angsty to funny, real to fantasy—if it’s hot and strikes her fancy, she writes it. Thanks for reading.

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Review: Defiance by T.L. Smith

by T.L. Smith
Genres: Dark Romance, Mafia Romance / Organised Crime

Defiance BannerTLSDefianceBookCover5x8_BW_MEDIUM

Title: Defiance

Series: Smirnov Bratva #3

Author: TL Smith

Genre: Mafia Romance

Release Date: March 11



She was promised to me.
I was promised to her.
She was the daughter of a drug lord, I was the cousin of one.
Together we could have been beautiful.
Oh, so beautiful.
But beautiful doesn’t factor into my life.
That was my life.
She’d had her taste of it.
But was she really ready for it?
Because I lived in hell, and my wife would soon be Satan’s bitch.
She wouldn’t be prepared.
She could never be.

Defiance Teaser 1 TLSDefianceBookTEASER2

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God I really enjoyed this book. It was a great entertaining read but was tame for a TL Smith Book. Although we got a lot of the norm, this book wasn’t a big bloodfest. Unlike what we got from the previous books in this series.

Freya was the highlight of this book for me, she was amazing and held her own in a world full of men, she showed huge amounts strength and had no fear. The story revolves around the forced marriage of Freya and Viktor and although they were attracted to each other they were far from happy about this. This story showed the struggle of this situation and that of a girl in a world where you are told rather than asked what you want.

I found this story to be very sad and even bordering on heartbreaking at how someone has no choice to do as they are told. There only other option is death.

TL Smith is my go to authors when I need a little bit of dark in my world. And although tamer this provided just what I needed from this awesome book.  It’s a huge recommend from me.


Reviewed by Donna

The Series






About the Author


T.L Smith Lover of chocolate, books, but mostly words.

T.L Smith loves to travel, loves to shop for books, sometimes shoes 😉

Don’t be shy about contacting T.L Smith, she doesn’t bite, hard!

Website * Facebook * Twitter

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Empire by Lili St. Germain

by Lili St. Germain
Genres: Dark Romance

The breathtaking finale to the Cartel Trilogy by Lili St Germain


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People aren’t born monsters.

They’re created.

I’d been with Dornan Ross for the better part of a decade. Slept in his bed, sewn up his wounds, tasted his blood, seen inside his soul.

But even I wasn’t prepared for what he did.

I should have known it would always come down to this, from the very moment I laid eyes on him in that motel.

I should have known his salvation was too good to be true.

Because it’s all gone now, the impossible love I had for him bleeding away in the darkness that came afterward.

Now there’s only hate.

Now I just want to escape.

Even if it means I have to kill him to be free.


How much is a life worth?

Mariana Rodriguez is the eldest daughter of a Colombian drug lord. Growing up in Villanueva, Colombia, she has never wanted for anything. Private schools, a lavish lifestyle, and the safety of the Cartel that her father works for.

At nineteen, she’s got her entire life mapped out, and what a good life it’s going to be: graduate from college, move to America, and finally be free from the stifling grip of the Cartel.

Only, her father messes up. A shipment of cocaine – a very large, very valuable shipment – is seized by the authorities whilst under his care and he becomes liable for the debt. Half a million dollars’ worth of cocaine.

Half a million dollars he does not have.

But he has a daughter, a very smart one, a daughter who would give up her very existence and offer herself as payment for her father’s sins, to ensure her family survives.

But falling in love with the man who owns her isn’t part of the plan…


John paid the waitress and she took my waffles to box up. I’d barely touched them, too busy talking, but I might want them after a couple of hours’ sleep.

‘You got a bathroom?’ John asked her. The woman looked at him like he was an idiot. She didn’t even respond with words, just pointed to a door in the back.

‘I’m gonna go get this cleaned up,’ he said.

I held up my purse. ‘I’ll come with you. I brought extra gauze. Since you insist on not getting stitches.’

Luckily there was a staff bathroom and changeroom that nobody seemed to be using. John held the door open for me and then locked it, testing it to make sure it couldn’t open. We were good. He leaned down while I took off the old gauze and tried my best to clean the wound again. It was deep, and looked nasty.

‘Does it hurt?’ I asked him.
He shrugged. ‘I’ve had things hurt a lot more.’
‘Like what?’
He licked his lips, put his hands on my waist. ‘Like my cock right now.’
Lust dragged through my belly like wildfire and I swear, I felt my pupils dilate.
‘Oh, yeah? Your cock needs medical attention, too?’

He smirked, pulling me close with a forceful jerk. I could feel his hardness against my belly, and I wanted it all to myself. An empty ache throbbed between my thighs, demanding to be filled.

He brought a finger to my chin, tilting my face up to his. One kiss. That was all it took for my lamb to become a lion.

‘Take your fucking panties off before I rip them off.’ His eyes burned with desire and I felt my heart skip a beat.

Shit. I was about ready to come just from his words.

I hitched my skirt up, making it a show for him as I hooked my thumbs into the edges of my panties and slid them down my thighs. I was wearing white panties, and there was a clear wet patch on the inside. John saw it as I stepped out of the panties and he made a growling noise in the back of his throat, snatching them from me.

He fell to his knees before me, prising my thighs apart. I had to shuffle my feet wider apart to accommodate him. His tongue touched me, ever so gently, and it took everything inside me not to scream.

‘John,’ I begged. I wasn’t even sure what I was begging for. I just knew that I needed him, desperately. He slid a finger inside me and I tightened around it, involuntary, pulsing with need. A finger wasn’t going to be enough. I needed him. Inside me. Now. I squeezed his head, my hands fisted in his hair. Every time his tongue touched me, it was like a fucking inferno lit up inside me. Every time he pulled away, I pressed my hips forward, seeking that wet caress that was threatening to bring me undone in a Denny’s bathroom stall. Of all places. Guess I’d been wrong. Seemed we really were going to fuck in a restaurant bathroom.

When he pulled his face away, I just about crumpled over on myself. I caught a look at myself in the mirror – clumped mascara from the nap I’d taken on the kitchen counter earlier; my cheeks flushed.

‘Somebody might catch us,’ John said, that teasing glint in his eye.

I held onto his arms, my legs still shaking from the way he’d cruelly taunted me until I was almost coming. ‘Let’s shoot everyone on that bridge when we come to it,’ I said, pulling my tank top down to expose a nipple. I pulled his hair, and he went with it, bringing his mouth to my pebbled nipple and sucking hard enough that pleasure hummed dangerously close to pain.

He pulled his mouth away and picked me up effortlessly, his hands cupping my ass cheeks. ‘Wrap your legs around me,’ he murmured. I did, breathless with anticipation as he walked me backward to the sink. He dropped me onto the edge, and luckily the thing was built solid enough, because he hitched my skirt up and slammed into me so hard, my head went back into the mirror and left a little crack in the glass. Not enough to draw blood. Not even enough to see stars. But enough that I hoped I’d be driving past this Denny’s with Dornan one time, and have to stop off, and come in here to relive this moment, one crack in the mirror and John’s hand over my mouth as he made me come so hard, I drew blood along his arm with my fingernails. Especially when he pulled back and with every insistent thrust inside me, he told me he loved me. I love you. Fuck. I love you. Fuck! At one point, I thought his love was going to send me through the wall and into the next room. With my free hand I gripped the edge of the basin, as hot, wet kisses trailed up my neck, one thumb on my clit, making me come so hard I bit down on his shoulder without thinking, and John shuddered forcefully as he came inside me.

I felt bruised inside. I’d be sore for days after that. Some very sick part of me wondered if I’d still feel like this, raw and tender, the next time Dornan put his hands or his mouth or his cock near me.

I hoped so.

I know, it’s not right. I never said I was a good person, did I? Part of me was already looking forward to the bruised places Dornan would touch inside me, the map John had made when he’d fucked me, and that Dornan would never know I was feeling John’s touch when he was inside me.


About the Author:

Lili writes dark romance, suspense and paranormal stories. Her serial novel, Seven Sons, was released in early 2014, with the following books in the series to be released in quick succession. Lili quit corporate life to focus on writing and so far is loving every minute of it. Her other loves in life include her gorgeous husband and beautiful daughter, good coffee, Tarantino movies and spending hours on Pinterest.


She loves to read almost as much as she loves to write.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest


Author Spotlight – Amo Jones – Devil’s Own MC Series

by Amo Jones
Genres: Dark Romance




Devils Own cover.png

One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars (The Devil’s Own) #1

136 Scars.jpg


I was four years old when I learnt what evilness the world could bring. I fought through life with my scarred soul, wrangled through the dark empty nights where I’d pray I didn’t wake up the next morning. I would shut my eyes and mentally take myself to my happy place.

Red roses

The sound of waves crashing on the sand under my feet.

The final time the cold blade pushed up against my thigh, and I waited for my blood to trickle over the other One hundred and thirty-six scars that covered my skin— never came. Who was this man who just saved me? He had no idea how close I came to ending myself that day. I was ready to blow my brains all over the bedroom walls and I had a nine sitting under my pillow to prove it.


Some people have families, I had engineered human killing machines surrounding me my whole life. I’d been a part of this unit since I was a baby, raised in a community that was shut off from the real world. A community where we were nothing but empty vessels, until Hella (my best friend) and I escaped. Hella took us to a girl who was in foster care with him before he was summoned into The Army. After finding out yet another complication in my life, I needed space. I booked in to a run down apartment, ready to clear my head. Only my head didn’t clear, because I was haunted every night from the screams that would vibrate through my walls.

This is not a story of a perfect man coming in to save the day. This is a story of what happens when fate interferes and two completely broken souls collide.

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:


OMG, OMG!!! I just loved this book and I love the writing style of Amo Jones and the passion that she pours into her stories, I felt every word and it was just a fantastic emotional and heart wrenching.

This story starts out in the worst possible way but slowly and surely it builds into a healing journey and discovering your true soul mate and the person that heals you. Beast and Meadow were awesome in this book but also the supporting cast just blew me away and I can’t wait for this journey to continue.

The great thing is that past characters from other books and series appear so you get to know what happens with them. I find this aspect of the story telling brilliant.

I recommend this book, author and series completely. She is a must read author for me and is fast becoming a go to Immediate read.

Reviewed by Donna

Beast and Meadow are not like any couple you’ll ever read. They are extremely unconventional. Amo did a great job of tying her series together in this book almost seamlessly. Be aware though, you will get more from this book if you read the other first. You don’t miss a lot, but I think so things are made clearer if you do. That was one of my favorite things. Also, the fact that there are so many wonderful secondary characters in this book that she could go in so many different directions with them. Meadow and Beast are super hot together though. They are soulmates from the beginning and Amo takes you through their crazy journey. Great start to this new series.

Reviewed by Kaci

I can honestly say that every single book I read by Amo keeps getting better and better. I absolutely LOVED this story, it was so captivating and had me hooked from the very beginning.

The book is exactly what I love to read in a story and shows the characters, flaws and all, are not by any means perfect and that is what makes you so invested in the story and NEEDING to find out what happens.

I couldn’t put this book down, and even went straight ahead and read HELLRAISER before I could stop to write this review.

I definite must read!!!!

Reviewed by Cherie

I received an ARC for an honest review.

When Beast & Meadow collide the sparks fly! These two damaged souls come together in the middle of a war with a rival MC, the Russians and The Army… dark, powerful and an intense read that I would highly recommend to anyone who likes their MC reads a little more on the darker side.

Reviewed by Nat


Hellraiser (The Devil’s Own) #2



They say there are defining points in your life – moments where you f**ked it all up, moments that make you its bitch, moments that shape you into the person you are.

The day I met Braxton Ward was one of my moments.

My name’s Melissa Hart, and I don’t think you’re ready for this story.


I go by a few names: Hella, Brax, 112, or, depending on whether I’ve been balls deep in you or not, C*nt. I don’t push the boundaries because in order to do so, one must have them. I’ve never had them. Being homeless at the not-so-tender age of fifteen morphed me into an emotionless shell, and when The Army recruited me, that shell turned into steel.

They say if fire is hot enough, it can melt steel; the hate that burns between Melissa Hart and me just might be hot enough.

Shit doesn’t come easy for us. Enemies are expanded, secrets are revealed, and lives will be taken. Yeah, I’m Braxton “Hella” Ward, and you bet your f*cking ass that you ain’t ready for this story.

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:


WOW!!!! Where to start with this gripping, edge of your seat read. I absolutely loved this book and the story just keeps getting more tense and more involved. Just when you think that’s it. It turns again and you are floored again by the way you are swept away with it all.

The chemistry is there again. But more importantly so is the passion that was in the previous book/s. And I just couldn’t believe how much I wanted to hurt Hella for what he was like to Melissa and how he acted. Although she was no better some of the time. To tell you what occurs would ruin this story. Just know it is brilliantly thought out.

This story broke my heart and I can’t get over how much a certain part made me cry. I completely recommend this great book. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. It’s an interesting and awesome twist on a brilliant MC series.

Reviewed by Donna

Hella and Melissa are amazing together. Amo has a knack for sexy alpha males with a dark past. Hella is Beast’s best friend and went through a whole different set of craziness than Beast. Hella is an irritating sob sometimes throughout this book. Sometimes I wanted to strangle him and sometimes I want him to pin me against the wall lol. But once he let Melissa inside the high high HIGH walls he built around his heart, there was no stopping their love. Amo did a great job of showing the connection between these characters as well as giving us their stories prior to each other. The only thing I wished was that they transition from them not being together to being together went a little smoother. It was a little abrupt to me. Even that though didn’t cause it to lose stars. Another amazing book by Mrs. Jones!!!

Reviewed by Kaci

I have to say that I have a total girl crush on author Amo Jones, these characters of hers are freaking fantastic and totally leave the feels in my heart for what I feel will be a long long time after reading this epic series.

I love the fact that all the books are connected and you get to hear about previous characters and how their lives are progressing.

Anyway, back to Hella! He has to be one of most infuriating characters that I have ever swooned over, but I totally want him for my own!!!!! At times, I wanted to slap the ‘Hella’ out of him but at the same time do naughty things with and let him have his way with me. DON’T JUDGE me til you’ve read this book!

I can’t wait to dive deep into the next book. BRING IT ON!!!!!

Reviewed by Cherie

I received an ARC for an honest review.

I was so excited to read Hella & Melissa’s story and I so wasn’t disappointed… This story was dark, the glimpses into Melissa’s college years were disturbing, to say the least. It’s no wonder she was drawn to the emotionally shut off and cruel Hella. When these two finally come together their passion and chemistry is off the charts hot!!!! Will these two damaged souls find true happiness or will ‘The Army’ destroy what they’re trying to build… Cannot wait to see what’s next for The Devil’s Own! Highly recommend this series to lovers of dark MC reads, not for the faint of heart!!

Reviewed by Nat

Razing Grace Part 1 (The Devil’s Own) #3

Razing Grace p1.jpg

I was light, and I was pure. Until I wasn’t.

I’m Millie Hart, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve dedicated my life to my Catholic faith. It was a part of me every step of the way. So when I decided to join a nunnery, no one in my family was surprised. I’m not sure at what point my life changed or where it went extremely wrong. My nightmares are becoming realities as my world starts to slowly tremble under the ground I’m presently shackled to. I was taken. Everything I thought I knew was about to rain down on me in drops of lies, deceit, and undiluted evil.

I’m more machine than man. I’m the alpha and the omega of The Army, and the leader of The 6 masked huntsmen. I live and bleed this life. The arms that raised me weren’t carrying love— they were carrying knives and AKAs. I’m agent 000, the executioner, and the damn devil who walks in the flesh. No one can break through my hard shell— not even her.
*This is book Three in The Devil’s Own series but can be read as a standalone.

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:


There aren’t really enough words to describe how much I loved this book. The darkness, the hurt, the angst, the love, the crazy…pretty much every emotion you can think of is in this book. And Amo Jones puts you through the ringer.
Amo has a way of taking sick, twisted and dirty to a whole new level. Throughout this book I could feel the crazy that Amo was trying to portray. I could feel her taking me on a journey through the most effed up version of a love story I’ve ever read. I could break down the characters and tell you about them, but knowing what is know now since reading it, there are no words I could say that would do these characters and this story justice like you reading it.
The storyline is amazing, the characters are extremely well developed and complex, the secondary characters add a completely different dimension to the book and the emotion Amo evokes is unparalleled to anything I’ve ever read.
I’m a massive, huge, crazy fan of this author. Her writing ability is uncanny, her wit and humor are amazing and to top it all off she’s an amazing human. Part two of this book couldn’t come soon enough!

Reviewed by Kaci


Razing Grace Part 2 (The Devil’s Own #3) – releasing January 17th


Special preorder price of 1.99!! One release day price will be going up to 2.99

Amazon US:
Amazon AU:
Amazon UK:
B&N: (coming soon)

Torment by Aleya Michelle – Review

by Aleya Michelle
Genres: Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense

Author: Aleya Michelle
Genre: Dark Romance/Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: Rebecca Berto, Berto Designs
* Image by Lindee Robinson Photography
* Models – Denise Emilia & Chad Feyrer
Can two afflicted strangers from the dark side, help each other back to the light?
Willow Steele is a survivor – barely.
Her mother was murdered in front of her.
Eight years old. Nowhere and nobody to call home. Willow did what she had to in order to survive life.
Faced with a straightjacket, a bare cell at Ferndale and the prospect of going cold turkey from the vices that have been keeping her alive, Willow is furious. She wants her drugs. She wants her freedom. She wants out of this place.
Hunter Edwards is an addict.
Just one taste, to impress a girl, and heroin ended up taking every bit of self-control he’d ever owned.
Six months later he is hooked and spiralling out of control. Break and enters, car accidents, trouble with the law. His mother and the cops sign him into Ferndale as a last resort before shipping him off to the army.
That’s where he sees her. Willow. The girl in the cell.
The dark haired, blue eyed angel that steals his heart.
Can Willow & Hunter help each other through the hardest fight of their lives?
Or will they both fall harder than ever before?
This is a dark romance. It is not for the faint hearted. You’ve been warned…

I received an ARC for an honest review.

This story was dark, powerful and intensely good.. once I started it was hard to put down! Willow saw her mother murdered at 8 years old… fast forward some years and her mothers killer is up for parole. Alcohol & a one night stand turn into a living nightmare for Willow who ends up admitting herself into a rehab centre. Hunter is on top of the world, great job, great friends and money until one day his world tragically comes crashing down and he turns to alcohol then hard drugs to escape life. A robbery gone bad ends with him in rehab! Two tormented souls find each other but is their connection strong enough to get them through! Highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a darker read. So so so intense!

Reviewed by Nat

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Aleya Michele is in her thirties and happily married with three gorgeous boys.

Aleya is the author of six full length books and one novella.

Her first love has always been reading, so the writing side is very natural. Favourite books include anything by Abbi Glines, but Fallen too Far is a favourite, Pulse & Collide b Gail McHugh and The Driven trilogy by K Bromberg.

Hobbies are playing netball; shopping and listening to music, which is frequently added to her writing.

Aleya looks forward to introducing her readers to new characters, as her new book’s come out. She totally enjoys this rollercoaster of being an Indie author and hopes others enjoys her writing as much as she loves writing it


Make Me by LP Lovell

by LP Lovell
Genres: Dark Romance




Title: Make Me
Series: Kiss of Death #0.5
Author: LP Lovell
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: November 14, 2016
0.5 in The Kiss of Death Series. Prequel novella to Kill Me.

At thirteen years old I was sold, doomed to become a sex slave.
Nicholai Ivanov, boss of the Russian Bratva, gave me the ultimate gift. He saved me from a fate worse than death. He promised to make me strong, because only the strong survive, and the weak die, forgotten and inconsequential.

I now live in a world of blood and violence, where humanity itself is a weakness. My life is not a battle of bad and good, but bad and worse. This is kill or be killed, survival of the fittest.

Make me or break me?

Purchase Links
Also Available
I received this ARC for an honest review.

Wow this was a heart-breaking read… The years in training to become the lethal assassin in a world where it’s killed or be killed. This novella takes us on Una’s journey from when she’s first taken until we meet the ‘Kiss of death’ in Kill Me… A must read; this was a short but intense story a good insight into how she became the emotionless killer.

Reviewed by Nat
Author Bio
Lauren Lovell is an indie author from England.She suffers from a total lack of brain to mouth filter and is the friend you have to explain before you introduce her to anyone, and apologise for afterwards.

Lauren is a self-confessed shameless pervert, who may be suffering from slight peen envy.

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Kill Me by LP Lovell – Review

by LP Lovell
Genres: Dark Romance




Title: Kill Me
Series: Kiss of Death #1
Author: LP Lovell
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: October 24, 2016
UnaTo many, I am little more than a myth. The Kiss of Death, a hired killer, revered by the some of the greatest criminal organisations in the world. Trained by the bratva themselves, without conscience, without mercy, the perfect soldier. I’ll kill anyone… for a price. Death doesn’t discriminate, she sells to the highest bidder, but even I have a weakness.


I want one thing—power. But power is merely a game of strategy. The pieces are on the chess board. Death is my queen, and also my pawn. She’ll paint this city red in exchange for the one thing she wants. Now all I have to do is watch it all play out. She’s nothing more than a weapon, and yet, I find myself wanting to dance with death, to possess her. And I always get what I want.

A game of power. A risk that could cost her everything. An obsession that would see the world burn at their feet. A bloodied king. A broken queen. Kill me or kiss me?

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She was his Queen… Una “Kiss of Death” her calling card. A hired killer, the best in the business. Nero, an Italian mob boss whose hungry for power. He is the King to her Queen, they need each other. Their violence sparks and ignites the sexual tension between these two ruthless killers! Passion, power, greed this story has it all… I was hooked from the first page I could not put this one down and I NEED more!
Reviewed by Nat
Author Bio
Lauren Lovell is an indie author from England.She suffers from a total lack of brain to mouth filter and is the friend you have to explain before you introduce her to anyone, and apologise for afterwards.

Lauren is a self-confessed shameless pervert, who may be suffering from slight peen envy.

LP loves to hear from readers so please get in touch.

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Disbelief (Smirnov Bratva #2) by T.L. Smith – Review

by T.L. Smith
Genres: Dark Romance, Mafia Romance / Organised Crime

Disbelief BannerTLSDisbeliefBookCover6x9_BW_HIGH

Title: Disbelief

Series: Smirnov Bratva #2

Author: TL Smith

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: October 19



What if I was to tell you, you’re all evil?
In some shape or form, you are.
What If I was to tell you, I was the worst kind of evil?
Would you believe me?
I did not believe that there wasn’t anyone who didn’t contain evil.
I was proved wrong, and it stumped me.
I became obsessed with her, someone of pure goodness.
And couldn’t get enough.
I needed to see her insides because that’s what I do. Tearing people apart, I have to prove my point. I wanted to split her apart, to find any trace of bad.
It was wrong of me to think like that.
Though if death is all you know, is it so wrong?
My name is Death. Her name is Pollie.
And I want to see her insides.
Just to understand if she is as pure as she makes out to be.

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My Favourite Book so far by the Amazing T.L. Smith! She just keeps getting better and better!!

I LOVE Death! I want Death! I Need Death! Death is AWESOME!!!!!

Such a twisted and tormented soul! Death doesn’t know how to deal with these feelings that he has never experienced before, until he met Pollie. She has his mind, heart and soul in a complete and utter tailspin, he wants to keep her but is also afraid that he may do something that will end in the utter destruction of both their worlds.

This is the second book in the series and must be read in order to really grasp the brilliance of it.

Hands Down one of my favourite reads this year!!!

Reviewed by Cherie

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T.L Smith Lover of chocolate, books, but mostly words.

T.L Smith loves to travel, loves to shop for books, sometimes shoes 😉

Don’t be shy about contacting T.L Smith, she doesn’t bite, hard!

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