by Janet Nissenson
Genres: Contemporary Romance


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He was convinced he’d be a bachelor for life.  And then he met the girl of his dreams.

Jordan Reeves has fully embraced the carefree, uncomplicated bachelor life, figuring that the poor example he’d been provided by his parents of so-called marital bliss was reason enough to remain single.  He’s more than content to date one woman after another and never even consider settling down, especially since the only female who’s ever seriously caught his attention belongs to another man.

But during a vacation in Hawaii, Jordan unexpectedly meets a woman who could very easily change his mind about the joys of bachelorhood.  Aubrey Larson is young, gorgeous, fun-loving, and has a wicked sense of humor to match his own.  She’s also a dead ringer for the woman Jordan’s had an admitted crush on for the past few years, enough to be mistaken for her twin.

Aubrey recognizes the handsome Doctor Reeves as a player of epic proportions the first time they meet, but even her usual disdain for that type of male can’t diminish the overwhelming attraction she feels for him.  But as their relationship deepens, Aubrey has no idea that becoming involved with Jordan will lead to a startling discovery about her own past, and cause her to question his true feelings for her.


This was a good, fun and light romantic story, it did contain a few twists but giving those away isn’t something that is gonna happen. I did get a little confused with the POV in this story seems to switch between dual to third person but I sort of got over that and began to enjoy the book.

This books isn’t all bells and whistles. There are no shocks to be fair. It’s just a really nice story that I would recommend to anyone that enjoys a good safe love story.

Reviewed by Donna


It’s always exciting to pick up a novel by a new author, will this be an exciting new discovery? Will I be disappointed? Will I enjoy the story and look forward to the next one? I love this journey and adventure.

Doctor Jordan Reeves is an obstetrician/ gynaecologist who has lived a carefree bachelor life, only smitten by one Tessa, who is out of bounds as she is a happily married woman with a family. One vacation in Hawaii he meets Aubrey Larson who could almost be Tessa’s double and there is definite chemistry.

Told in the third person, which to be honest is refreshing as it’s not that common nowadays, as well as from the two lead characters points of view however it does get a little confusing at times but seems to smooth out quickly enough. The story unfolds at quite a fast pace and it is very easy to read. A little predictable perhaps but a sweet romance with some passionate intimacy.

The lead characters are so much fun together, I particularly enjoyed the way Aubrey is her normal self around Jordan. The passion between them is lava hot too, so are the descriptions of their intimate scenes! 🌋 The sassy mouthed Aubrey fires off some great replies to Jordan and certainly knows how to hold her own, even though he is fourteen years her senior.

To answer my questions in my introduction yes I certainly do want to read more by this author, no I wasn’t disappointed and yes I look forward to reading about Finn and Max in their books!


Reviewed by Robyn



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