by Nina Levine
Genres: MC Romance



King is THE definition of alpha male.” – Amazon Reviewer
Grab your copy of King‘s Reign now to complete the duet:
If you love your bikers dirty, dark and f@cked up, I know you’ll love King!


Right from the first sentence the action starts and guns are blazing. Nina Levine really knows how to write a dramatic cliffhanger like she did in the first book of this duet, King’s Wrath, but even more, she knows how to launch into the second book with as much flare!

King and the Sydney Storm MC, along with fellow brothers, are literally fighting to find Tony Romano for revenge and with the federal police breathing down their necks time is closing in. Brynn, Lily’s sister, is still on a ventilator in a coma, and strange things are still happening.

Just when you think things might be taking a step forward, zap ⚡another bolt out of the blue arrives to throw you off. I have to admit to forcing my fingernails out of my mouth before I had a good old chew on them. There is definitely plenty of excitement and drama around each corner in the story, building up the tension like only a true virtuoso is able to do. One of the best parts of the book is the way this author creates seemingly impossible situations then right when you can’t see the forest for the trees..she slips the solution in and of course it is extremely viable, very cleverly done Ms.Levine.

This second book is a brilliant conclusion to the duet and another wonderful notch in the Nina Levine writing belt. You totally rock woman!

Reviewed by Robyn

This book absolutely blew me away, I adore all of the Storm men but King has had a place in my heart from the second I met him many books ago. This is the conclusion of his story and what a story you get. It’s definitely not a pretty story but one of the brutal truths, with sad and heartbreaking outcomes. The last book ended in a cliffhanger but the wait was so worth it. This story sucks you in and spits you out.

I can honestly say I smiled big at the end of this book. I won’t say what happens but I am so pleased that King gets his happy and finds someone to calm the monster that lives within him. A truly brilliant storyline that kept me second guessing people involved in the plot. The supporting cast of characters also made this book what it is. A full on rollercoaster journey.

This book and series are a huge recommend from me. The whole Storm series is a definite must-read.

Reviewed by Donna

Wow, Nina has done it again… I don’t know what it is about a complete and utter bad boy that makes sane girls swoon but King… GAH he has that thing that makes you want him even though you know you shouldn’t!! This book picks up right where the cliffhanger from book one left us… and again Nina doesn’t hold back we get all the good the bad and the downright ugly! But we also get to see the way in which King and the whole Storm club come together to fight for what they have, they are fiercely protective of the people they love and this is so evident in all parts of this book! Love, hate, revenge and betrayal are just some of the themes that run through this wonderful novel. I’m happy that we the readers finally have the books that show the reasons that King is the way he is, I myself cannot wait for more Storm men in the future, one can never have enough Storm men in their life.

Reviewed by Nat