by T L Swan
Genres: Contemporary Romance


Title: Dr. Stantons The Epilogue
Author: T L Swan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 19, 2017


Follow the next five years for Cameron Stanton and Ashley
If happiness is a gift.
Then Cameron Stanton is my Santa Claus.
I can’t tell you the exact moment I fell in love with him.
Only that I did.
With every glance, every touch, every minute…. he stole a little more of me.
They say that all men are created equal.
Well that’s a blatant lie!
I know because I met Gods gift to women in Vegas,
I pretended he was my husband to get rid of another man.
He took our fake marriage seriously and it became his
personal goal to consummate.
He spoke to me in French and I lied to him in German.
His laughter was addictive.
But I thought what happens in Vegas would stay in Vegas.
Until it didn’t.
Dr. Stanton turned up where I least expected and my lies came back to haunt me.
The attraction is palpable.
The secrets unchangeable.
I need him more than air.


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Oh the humour in this is fantastic and had me chuckling out loud.

Dr Cameron Stanton and Dr Ashley Tucker are living the dream, together with their young son. Ashley is nearing the completion of her studies and Cam is a very successful cardiac surgeon. Cameron has his heart set on something else though.

The banter between the lead characters is fantastic, you almost feel like you are there with them. So much fun and more importantly so real! They work long hours and get tired and worn out just like everyone else.

The passion is off the charts and definitely shows how close the bond is between Cameron and Ashley. Her little digs about his not having a romantic bone in his body is not only funny but so much like conversations I’ve had personally!

Just when you think this series couldn’t get any does!

Reviewed by Robyn

And this series just keeps getting better and better. What a fantastic and perfect ending to this part of the story. I can only hope that this series doesn’t end here. This story is continuing the same vein as the rest of the books and you find yourself laughing hysterically.

This is a great novella that sees Cameron wanting to bite the bullet on forever with Ashely. This book is a huge recommendation from me but I really suggest that all previous books including the Stanton serious are read first. You won’t be disappointed the whole Stanton world is amazing.

Reviewed by Donna

I Freaking Love T L Swan!!!! Like an artist with a brush, she creates beautiful art with the words she creates on paper! You are totally drawn into the book and swept away in every emotion the characters feel, you will laugh, cry, get angry and maybe even want to slap the beautiful but sometimes insanely annoying Dr Stanton! But honestly Ladies, after reading the rest of this amazing series you will probably want to keep him for yourself. Do yourself a huge solid and grab a copy of the Stanton books NOW!!!

Reviewed by Cherie

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Lover of her
husband, children, words, chocolate and margaritas.
When she is not
writing her next novel, you will find her in a café drinking coffee with
Writing is her
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