by T.L. Smith
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Title: Savage Collision
Series: The Savage Love Duet Book #1
Author: TL Smith
Release Date: May 12
Genre: Contemporary Romance
A kiss could bond you, taint you, claim you. If you let it, it could own you.
A kiss from a stranger was highly unlikely.
A kiss from a man who hid himself from me, yet slowly tormented me, was unlike any other kiss.
It was the kiss of death.
It was my hands in cuffs chained to his waist.
And only he could set me free.
How could I be so blind? How could I have let a man that was delicious as sin take a grip on me? No matter how hard I tried to pull, those cuffs stayed glued to him as the wall that stood between us.
I had to smash that wall, I had to see the truth.
Even if we collide. Even if he’s my own savage collision. I have to be set free.


Where do I begin with this review? It’s so hard to write anything when you have had your head battered by a story, that leaves you confused and completely at a loss for words. I really enjoyed the ride don’t get me wrong. It’s just how do you explain anything to anyone else when you’re unsure yourself.

Milanka is a strange character but you can see she is living in a whole world of fear and panic. She never let’s anyone in and as the story goes on you get to see why. Her past haunts her and her now isn’t much better. Connick is a man of mystery and I have a feeling that he will either save her or break her.

This book is about survival and I only hope that the next part will see Malinka become whom she should have always been and that the ghosts from her past are put well and truly to rest. I recommend this book so much but the cliffhanger is a killer but the wait I am sure will be worth it. 

Reviewed by Donna


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